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Essential Hypnosis Scripts for Building a Successful Hypnotherapy Business

Essential Hypnosis Scripts for Building a Successful Hypnotherapy Business

  code:Essential Hypnosis Scripts for Building a Successful Hypnotherapy Business
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Essential Hypnosis Scripts for Building a Successful Hypnotherapy Business

This is an e-book which will be emailed over to you.

A comprehensive collection of over 300 useful Hypnosis scripts to use in your sessions with clients.  

Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence

Author: Sara Lou-Ann Jones

Essential Hypnosis Scripts for Building a Successful Hypnotherapy Business

Table of Contents:


A Beautiful Day Induction

Awareness Induction

Bubble Induction

Body Light Induction

The Cave Induction

Elman Relax Eyes Induction

Group Induction

Long Fractional Induction

Muscle Tense and Release Induction

Progressive Relaxation Induction


Colours – Deepener

The Door Deepener

The Garden Deepener

Garden Beach Deepener

Horses Deepener

Magic Rainbow Script

Rag Doll Deepener

Staircase Deepener

Journey Through the Universe Deepener

Stalactite and Stalagmite

Addiction Scripts

Addictive Personality Script

ADHD Help Script

Alcohol Abuse Script

Alcohol Script General

Alcohol Cessation Script

Alcohol Control Script

Anchors to Control Alcohol or other substance

Cannabis Script

Cocaine Addiction Script

Compulsive Lying Script

Freedom from Alcohol Script

Habit Control Generic

Hair Pulling Compulsion Script

Nail Biting Script

Stop Alcohol Script

Stop Using Drugs Script

Stop Self Harm Script

Stop Shoplifting

Fork in the Road Stop Smoking Script

Stop Smoking Script – No Way

Become a Non-Smoker Script

Stop Smoking  - No Thanks

Stop Smoking Mastery

Stop Smoking Take Charge

Birthing Scripts

Childbirth Script

Birth Companion Relaxation and Preparation

Caesarian Preparation

Deep Relaxation for Pregnancy and Birth

Hypnosis for Fertility

Post-Natal Depression

Pregnancy Pain Management

Children’s Scripts

Bed Wetting – Enuresis Script I

Bed Wetting – Enuresis Script II

Exercise is Fun for Children

Fear of Spiders – Children’s Version

Handle Bullies for Children

Magic Carpet Ride Script

Superheroes Don't Drink Soda with Cloud Car Induction

Confidence Scripts

Assertiveness I Script

Assertiveness II Script

Best Man Speech

Confidence General Script

Confidence to Change Career Script

Confidence in Company Script

Creating a New YOU Script

Creativity Script

Decision Making Script

Develop Enthusiasm Script

Ego Strengthening Script

Get Motivated Script

Hypnotherapist Confidence Script

I Would If I Could Script

Public Speaking /Overcome Stage Fright

Successful Interview Script

Therapists Desiderata

Health Issues

Asthma Relief Script

Anorexia Script

Bulimia Script

Breast Cancer Script

Cancer Script

Cancer Treatment Script

Magic Bullet Cancer Script

Chronic Fatigue Script

Constipation Script

Control Bleeding Script

Control PMS Script

Dyslexia Script

Diverticulitis Script

Endoscopy Script

Fibromyalgia Script

Gag Reflex Script

Good Health Script

Health Matters Healthy Body Script

Healing Haemorrhoids

Herpes Script

Insomnia Script

Irritable Bowel Syndrome I Script

Irritable Bowel Syndrome II Script

OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Script

Overcome Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

Overcome Depression Script

Overcome Dis-Ease

Overcome Migraines Script

Pain Relief Script

Panic Attacks Script

Premature Ejaculation Script

Phantom Limb Pain Script


Restless Leg Syndrome

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Skin Rash Script

Stop using Salt

Snoring for Partner Benefit

Snoring Stop General

Surgery Preparation Script

Thyroid Repair Script

Tinnitus Script

Vertigo Script

NLP Techniques

Audial Swish

Finish the Sentence

Gestalt Dialogue

Gestalt Prayer Therapy – Gestalt Forgive

Gestalt Me - A statement of Independence

Gestalt Acceptance

Gestalt the Meaning

The Gestalt Approach - Perls' Dream Interpretation. 

Ideo-Motor Finger Signals

New Behaviour Generator

New Belief Generator

Parts Therapy Explained

Creative Parts Use

Questions to Elicit Sum-Modality Differences

Tips for Eliciting Sub modalities

Six Step Reframe Weight Control

Submodality Comparisons

Sub Modality Changing Process (11 Steps)

Rewind Technique

Working with Modalities/Sub-modalities

Sub Modality Comparisons

Phobias and Fears

A Brief Explanation of Fear & Phobia

Claustrophobia  Script


Fast Phobia Cure

Fear of Anaesthesia Script

Fear of Bees & Wasps

Fear of Blood

Fear of Cats

Fear of Crowds

Fear of Enclosed Spaces

Fear of Failure

Fear of Financial Success

Fear of Flying

Fear of Going Places

Fear of Heights

Fear of Needles

Fear of Public Toilets

Fear of Staying Awake

Fear of Success

Fear of Vomiting

Flying Free Script

Social Phobia

Stage Fright/Auditions

Weight Management - General

Body Dismorphic Disorder

Conveyor belt Aversion Therapy

Diet Industry Script I

Exercise Control Script I

Exercise in your Sleep

Exuding Beauty Script

Fork in the Road for Weight Mgt. I

Fork in the Road for Weight Mgt. II

Love to Exercise Script

Relaxed Relationship to Food

Shrinking the Stomach Script

Slimmer YOU Staircase

Stop Eating Chocolate Script

The Meaning of Food

Therapy Colour Red

Weight Reduction Burn Fat

Weight Control Script

Weight Gain Females Script

Weight Gain Golden Rules

Weight Reduction Instruction I

Weight/Obesity Script

Group Weight Loss

Group Weight Loss Induction

Group Weight Sessions - Running Order

Weight Management Tips

Therapy Weight BMI Calculator

What is obesity?

When is obesity dangerous?

Therapy Weight – Our Rules

Client Weight Enquiry Explanation

Why Diets Fail - Craving Buster

Food Liquid Buster

EMDR craving blaster - to reduce or remove cravings for food or liquids


The Swish Pattern Weight Control

Gastric Band Sessions

Gastric Band Client Agreement

Gastric Band information for therapist

Gastric Band & Weight Sessions Running Order

Gastric Band I Script

Gastric Band II Script – The Operation

Gastric Band Adjustment


Beginning Self Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis Induction

Read Aloud Self-Hypnosis Induction

Stress and Anxiety Scripts

Anxiety and Depression – The Clear Plastic Bag

Anxiety/Examination Hit Script

Calm Switch/Anchor

Control and Beat Stress Script

Driving Test Nerves Script

Emotional Healing Script

Eliminate Guilt Script

Freedom From Worry

Frustration Script

Let the feeling unfold

Letting Go Script

Letting Go of the Past Script

Nervous Network Script

Wedding Day Nerves Script

Memory and Learning Scripts

Help for Test Anxiety

Improve Memory Script

Learn a Foreign Language Script

Lost object Recovery Script

Procrastination I

Procrastination II

Road Rage (Parts Work)

Improve Study Habits

Eliminating Stuttering I

Eliminate Stuttering II

Stop Swearing Script

Improved Time Management

Metaphysical Scripts

Automatic Writing

PLR – Affect Bridge Technique

PLR – Book of Time

The Celebration – Stepping into the Light

Christos Technique

Crystal Revelation

Past Life Earth Magic

PLR Hall of Mirrors

PLR Hidden Files

PLR Higher Consciousness

PLR Karma

PLR Karmic Journey

PLR Life Script

Past Life Regression General

PLR Path of Life

Psychic Drawing

Psychic Protection

PLR Tree of Life

Protective Shield ScripT

Love and Relationships Scripts

Attracting Love

Dating and Relationships Script

Manifesting a Loving Relationship

Self Love Visualisation Script

Therapy Eyes of Love Script

Relaxation Scripts

Deep Relaxation Script

Dolphin Relaxation Script

Facial Massage Script

A Seven Minute [Battle] Fatigue Sleep Replacement Script

Relaxation Script


Sports Scripts

Dartitis Script

Improve Bowling

Improve Golf Script

Plateau Buster / Breakthrough

Coming Out of Trance

Counting Client Out of a Trance Script


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