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Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

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Train to become an Hypnotherapy Practitioner with the online Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course, course materials include the full Hypnotherapy Practitioner Manual as an online course, 15 modules of content with an extra 10 videos of the whole of our classroom based Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course, full tutor support via email and no time limit for completing your course. The online course is exactly the same course syllabus and certification as the classroom based courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete working from home. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. The course comes with a course assessment in the form of quizzes, written questions and short essays, once you have completed your course assessment please email or post it back to us for marking, you will then receive your feedback and certificates.

This course is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, doctors and, increasingly, by the general public. Upon completion of the course you can gain membership to the CMA, which in addition to supplying a professional accreditation, offers a number of benefits, all of which can be found here.

This course also is certified by the IANLPC (International Association of NLP & Coaching) and the IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists), both of which are internationally recognised organisations. The IAHT certify personal development, health, fitness and nutrition courses. The IANLPC is a global support network for NLP Professionals and coaches, including the fields of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy Business Coaching, Leadership, Nutritional, CBT, Personal Development and Holistic Therapy.

What will I learn on the course?

Hypnotherapy Course Syllabus

• History of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.
• The human mind, how it works & the mind / body connection.
• Subconscious mind’s re-programming.
• Fight or flight responses.
• How our beliefs and values affect our reality
• What is hypnosis?
• Different states of hypnosis.
• Different types of hypnotherapy.
• Preparing for the consulting room.
• Building belief and expectancy in your abilities.
• Principles of verbal psychology in induction.
• Principles of physical psychology.
• “Yes set” and “reverse yes set” questions.
• Observation, Recognition and Leadership.
• Gaining and maintaining rapport.
• Mirroring & Matching
• Understanding Body Language & Micro Expressions
• Your hypnotic toolkit.
• Public liability insurance.
• Placebos - How belief is key
• Brain wave states, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.
• Stress and the effects of Stress on the body.
• The relationship between stress and diet.
• Stress and Exercise - How to reduce cortisol in the system
• A professional and ethical therapist.
• Understanding Abreactions, Transference & Counter transference.
• Creating affirmations and suggestions.
• How techniques from NLP & CBT can work alongside Hypnotherapy.

The Tools & Techniques of Trance
• How to structure successful hypnotherapy sessions from:-
• Interviewing a client. (pre talk)
• The key points to hypnotic inductions.
• Induction methods for the consulting room.
• Many various induction techniques & Ideomotor Signalling.
• Induce trance via progressive physical relaxation techniques.
• Hypnosis deepening methods & Ideomotor Signaling
• Hypnotic language patterns for deep trance.
• Subliminal messaging in speech - Conversational Hypnosis
• Therapy techniques for Stop Smoking, alcoholism, Weight loss, Gastric Band Weight Loss Techniques, Fears & Phobias, Emotional problems, building confidence & motivation, self esteem, loss and separation, bereavement and much more....
• Relaxation/De-stress Therapy.
• Working with clients with life threatening disease and chronic illnesses.
• Pain Control using hypnotic anaesthesia.
• Unwanted habit elimination methods from over eating to smoking etc.
• Timeline techniques clear the effects of the past, Regression Techniques
• Understanding the different types of clients.
• Suggestibility tests i.e. Eyelid lock, arm levitation and many more.
• Practice using hypnotic language skills, Hypnotic Sales Techniques, Hypnotic Writing Skills
• Voice tone, volume and tempo.
• Self Hypnosis.
• Guided Imagery & Visualization
• Sensory Acuity - Identifying the level of trance a client is in.
• Anchoring good feeling associations. (NLP technique)
• Breathing techniques.
• Major Post hypnotic suggestion.
• The technical skill of script writing and how to word your own scripts. (Even though we supply scripts for you)
• Techniques for stress, insomnia and panic.
• Setting Goals to combat stress.
• Elman Techniques & Ericksonian Techniques, Conversational Hypnosis
• Membership of accrediting bodies.
• Practice Groups and ongoing free support

All of our courses include full tutor support. You can contact your tutor either by email or telephone, or request a call back.

Our friendly course advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions that you might have.

Our contact numbers are:

Freephone: 0800 955 6808

Training Centre: 0161 907 0948

We also offer monthly practice groups and inspirational events in Manchester and London for all students studying any of our courses. The events are a great way to watch live demonstrations of the techniques, have a practice with other students and to meet your tutors. Once you've signed up for any of our courses you will receive details of our monthly events via email.

All courses can be paid for using our secure online payment system or via paypal. 


If you would prefer to pay via bacs payment or via cheque please email us at or call us on 0161 907 0948 for more assistance.


All of the online course materials are emailed over to you as e-documents, if you would prefer a hard copy of the course materials to be posted out to you please select this when checking out.

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