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Muscle Tense and Release Induction

Muscle Tense and Release Induction

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Muscle Tense and Release Hypnosis Induction Script

Today you will learn how to relax and let go… feels so good to just let go. You are about to go on an incredible journey…..deep into your mind. It's so important to learn how to relax and let go………we often forget that releasing tension is an important part of healing. Find yourself a quiet place to just sit and relax. Turn off the phone and dim the lights. This is your time. A time meant for total relaxation and inner peace.

As you learn to explore the vast recesses of your mind, you will discover that whatever the mind can perceive, the mind can achieve. Engaging in a regular program of relaxation can help you in just about every area of life.

Deep levels of relaxation allow your mind to enter the alpha brainwave state, where changes are more easily made.

There is nothing you need to do because these sessions take no effort on your part whatsoever, because you are guided into a blissful state of peace and relaxation with spoken words to guide you.

Ensure you are warm and comfortable. I want you to now imagine that you are about to go on an amazing journey, a journey deep into your mind where you will work to gently prepare your mind and your body for an incredible relaxation experience.

So just relax and get really comfortable, gently closing your eyes. There is nothing you need to do but allow yourself to gradually let go into this peaceful and beautiful relaxation.

Become aware of your breathing, and notice how your abdomen rises and falls with each breath.

Now take a long slow deep breath in through your nose, all the way down into your stomach. Hold the breath for just a moment, and then exhale through your mouth. Allow your breath to carry away all stress and tension as the air floods out of your lungs.

Take another slow breath in through your nose. Fill your lungs completely. Hold it for a moment...and release the breath through your mouth. Empty your lungs completely as you exhale.

Take a third deep breath in. Hold it for a moment, and then let it go.

Feel that your body has already undergone a change. The tension in your body has begun to loosen and subside.

Now let your breathing rhythm return to normal...and relax.

During this relaxation I will ask you to tense various muscles throughout your body. Please do this without straining. You do not need to exert yourself, just contract each muscle firmly but gently as you breathe in. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can simply relax and breathe normally. When you tense and release muscles in your body, your brain releases powerful endorphins, which help you ease away stress and anxiety.

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Muscle Tense and Release Hypnosis Induction Script

This can be used at the beginning of your session to help your client relax.

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